Great Benefits of Herbology’s Holy Cream كريم المفاصل والاعصاب

by in Beauty Products, Health Tips, Natural Cosmetics February 27, 2018

Holy Cream relief for stressed tired muscles hot formula for massage

It is hard not to mention our best-selling product, Holy Cream. Its light, non-sticky, fast absorbed and relaxing aroma make the cream undeniably difficult not to get one. The remarkable features also include aromatherapy, reducing muscles’ sores, and healing rashes from insect bites. By applying the cream onto skin, natural menthol will relieve itch immediately. The ceramide will enhance skin repair system, moisturizing dry skin and lock the moisture inside into full recovery breaking the itch-scratch cycle. The cream itself is light, easy to absorb, and not greasy at all. All ingredients are proven safe: free from steroid and paraben. It is suitable for daily and repeated usage as often as desired.

How to use: apply the cream lightly onto an area of aches or pains, and gently massage.

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