HERBOLOGY™ Natural Holy inhaler الراحة المقدسة

by in Beauty Products, Health Tips, Natural Cosmetics February 27, 2018

A herb-rich natural inhaler from HERBOLOGY™ الراحة المقدسة that will get you through every day.

Highly recommended by Thais, Holy Smell Inhaler is another product we want to introduce. It is 100% natural herbal extracts from 15 types of Thai dry herbs and other essences. Its benefits are, of course, not only the pleasant smell; it can also relieve dizziness and nasal congestion. Its soothing properties can help unclog your airways and promote easier breathing. All your stuffy and runny nose would be just fine within seconds of sniffing this herb-rich inhaler, and refreshness will be brought through.

This inhaler can also be used to get comfort for someone who is prone to travel sickness. When inhaled, this product can help a person relax especially during stressful conditions. Some even use an inhaler to keep them awake as it is known to promote alertness when it is needed. It certainly can energize both your mind and body. It can also be applied on the side of your head to get immediate comfort for headache or minor cases of migraine as well.

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